Try Rugby

Kids Rugby Plays it Safe.

The Australian Rugby Unions new Kids Pathway tackles any concerns a parent can have about the game that forges a lifelong passion for involvement at all levels on and off the field unions.

For starters, there’s no tackling for ages under 6 & 7 years, and winning comes a distant third to having fun and making new friends. So it doesn’t matter whether they’re big or small, boy or girl, any child can stand tall and have a ball.

Rugby Union is a fun and exciting way for young children to learn valuable life skills such as leadership, team work, courage, sportsmanship and friendship in a safe environment.

The Australian Rugby Union (ARU) TryRugby program introduces new players to the game through a series of age-specific modified rugby games in a controlled environment. Safety is the priority as the laws and level of contact are gradually introduced while players develop.

We’ve tackled all the safety issues.

Each game-style of the U6 to U12 TryRugby Kids Pathway has a developmental skills focus which takes into account the chronological age of the child and their capacity for safe and achievable rugby skill acquisition. The key aims being to:

  • Keep it simple, free flowing and enjoyable.
  • Let the players develop skills with safety.
  • Discourage any dangerous actions or unsafe practice.
  • Adopt an educative, positive reinforcement approach.
  • Ensure that players receive an equal chance to participate regardless of ability.

Coaches and referees are also trained to reduce risk and injury. Coaches and referees are required to gain Smart Rugby qualifications.

Smart Rugby minimises risk of injury to all players in all facets of the game. The ARU oversees the qualification process and ensures refresher courses are undertaken every two years.

An introduction to the game of life.

Rugby instils leadership, team work, courage, sportsmanship and friendship. A game steeped in tradition, its players and supporters enjoy a deep sense of community and involvement. These values and traditions develop from the first time a young TryRugby player shakes hands with their opposite number, leading to a life long passion for involvement with the game at all levels on and off the field.